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    A new start up venture based in Canada called ASMR Studio enables ASMR artists with the tools to set up pay per view client services. You can see more here…

    Submit your questions to this thread and we will be happy to answer and assist!



    MrGamma – after posting your advertisment – would you tell us if there are many ASMR-people who earn money with it? I am just interested 😉



    @endless – it’s a brand new venture and as you know getting people started on anything takes a little effort.


    Some people are selling thier ASMR, either as video downloads, or as CD’s, however, yeah, I doubt the profit margins are high.


    That being said, I have heard some people mention that after 8,000+ views collecting money on advertisements has proven impossible and perhaps pointless as well.


    So… it’s a move towards something hopeful. Youtube is rolling out monthly subscriber fees, for „traditional“ programming, or TV content creators, so… maybe that’s where it’s headed?

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